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Some Great Slot Games Based on Movies

As a young man growing up, playing games at my house was a weekend theme. Never could I imagine that games would become as big as they are today. Developers have produced games that not only made it big for systems like Xbox and PlayStation but movies as well. Speaking of movies, we are going to cover a few in the area of slot game machines.

Jurassic Parks

Jurassic Park was one of the highest profitable movies ever produced by the one and only Steven Spielberg. The idea behind it was to bring dinosaurs back to life and take over a theme park. Little did Mr. Spielberg know this movie would give birth to another idea, slot machines.

In 2014, the first Jurassic Parks slot game machines would emerge and was a fan favorite. This movie based slot game offers real-life characters, great images, and many features to keep you on edge.

The highest bet on this slot machine that can be placed is three dollars. Other machines like Jurassic Park Wild Excursion, allow bets up to twelve dollars and credits.

King Kong

The first black and white King Kong movie hit theaters in New York City, 1933. The Giant Gorilla fills the people’s hearts with terror by its enormous strength. The movie would go on to make 5.3 million dollars at the box office. In 2011, a gambling software company by the name of Playtech would claim the rights to the movie, and the King Kong slot was born.

Just like Jurassic Park, King Kong also has real-life images and excellent screen. The slot machines have two systems: Wild Jungle and Big City. The only difference between the two is the backdrop, logos, and perks. The Wild Jungle feature has three or more wilds followed by three re-pins.

In the Big City, there is Wild Kong Re-spin and the City Bonus. In this part of the game you get three Wild and three Scatters Symbols with between one to five chances to win big. King Kong will be always be remembered by the great scene of climbing to the top of the Empire State Building n New York City.

movieslotgames - Some Great Slot Games Based on Movies


Halloween may not be a time when the family gets together and talk about the past but a time to put on your favorite costumes. Most of us when we think of Halloween, we think of our favorite scary movies like “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Friday the 13th” or “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. Released October 27, 1978, Halloween was filmed in South Pasadena, California, and where it grossed $47 million.

Halloween slot games have several characters name from the movies; Laurie, Lynda, and Annie. Euro Games Technology created Halloween with an October feel with great fall colors for the background. To make you feel right in the movie, the scary costumes and animals will keep you on edge.

Halloween Fortune is another great slot game created by Playtech. One of their best feature on the game is the sexy witches needing your help to cook up some evil spells, watch out! For a bonus, pick the right witch and you can earn free spins.

Need something a little more kiddie? The Ghouls slot game could be a thriller for you. Not as on scary as Halloween but spooky enough to keep you interested. Betsoft believes this one you should keep in your pocket change pile.

Do you like Vampires or the thought I some sucking your blood out of you? The Immortal Romance slot game is here for your pleasure. This game is sure to give you nightmares with great sound effects and plenty of slot pulling action. I give Microgaming two thumbs up for this one.


Gladiator directed by Ridley Scott in the year 2000, became a household name to start the 21 century. The movie was released on May 1, 2000, in Los Angeles, California. Actor Russell Crowe is the Roman general who loses his throne and father. The movie brought in a mind-blowing $460.5 million to the box office. Gladiator was the second highest-grossing film of the year.

BetSoft created one of the best slot games in Gladiator. The slot machine is covered in graphic themes and music playing to give a Roman Coliseum atmosphere. If you find some symbols like the tiger, coliseum, or gold, these items will help increase your coin collection. The Gladiator bonus feature gives you to option to choose between a champion or an offender and watch them battle until the end. If you enjoyed this movie, you surely won’t be disappointed in the slot game machines.


In 1976, an American sports film, “Rocky”, directed by John G. Avildsen, was a great success story about a hard-working Italian-American striving to pay his debt. While growing up in Philadelphia, his goal in life was to become the heavyweight boxing champion of the world.

To spite the film budget being just over 1 million dollars,it gross at $225 million in worldwide box offices. It was the highest gross film of the year.

Once again, Playtech knocks it out of the park by creating a new game in “Rocky”. As you prepare to seat ring to watch as Rocky takes on Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, and Ivan Drago,

witness around for round as you collect coins to increase your pockets. Watch the red and white trunks of Rocky bound around while you land on reels to deliver a knockout punch.

Gamble Loving Comic Book Villains

Comics books are something that many people fall in love with. It is a way to escape from reality a bit and just become immersed in the comic world. What appeals to people of the comic book world are the characters. Whether hero or villain, many people fall in love with the characters and the personality. Though the comic book can go toward the realms of fantasy and science fiction, there are real-world things that occur with the characters. Certain hobbies the heroes though mainly villains, for the most part, take part in. One of those things would be gambling. Whether in simple cards, at a casino or in life situations, gambling is a big part of the real world as well as the fiction realm.

There are a wide number of villains throughout many comic book series that is known for gambling. At the very least, they take it up as a fun hobby as many people in real life do. Both Marvel and DC has its own few villains that have a gambling side toward them to show off to the readers to either better entertain them or to simply show them the ways of gambling.

Joker from the Batman series and DC is known to be quite the gambler to both the readers and in the world of DC. The Joker is Batman’s worse and possible most dangerous enemy within the series, in a way playing the counterpart of Bruce banner. He is insane, mentally unstable and fairly chaotic, leaving in chaos each day. Such examples of him gambling would be either involving his own life or the life of others. He does this sort of gambling for the sheer thrill of it and mere kicks and laughs. His origin himself shows him as a gambler of sorts. Depending on which origin the readers go by, the Joker before taking up the name was already a criminal known as Red Hood in pursuit by batman. When cornered by the hero of Gotham he was given a very hard choice to make that would decide his life forever. To either be captured by Batman or fall in a giant vat of chemicals that would forever make him mentally unstable. He chose to jump in the chemicals, changing his appearance and mentality forever. Because of this, he adopts the name Joker which is a playing card that he identifies as. Though there may not be material profit, Joker is always willing to gamble if there is a chance he can get away with something.

Another villainous gambler to look at would be 8-Ball from the Marvel comics. Before he was a villain he was a defence contractor and a missile propulsion system engineer for the Department of Defense. He was originally known as Jeff Hagee’s. While working at his job he would sometimes gamble in his spare time help relieve the stress. He took it up as a hobby but soon after time he became in debt to pool sharks. If was fired due to his employers finding out and afraid he would sell the companies secrets to help get money for his debt. With the combination of his gambling addiction as well as his experience from his previous job, he became a fairly deadly gambling villain. Having his own crime business as well as creating a cue stick that has his magnified force toward it. His gambling habits slowly turned him into such a villain, changing his character from a normal hard worker employee of the Department of Defense to a deadly crime boss in Marvel.

Another villain with gambling habits would be the Gambler from DC comics. He is known as Stephen Sharpe III. Within the comic, he comes from a family that was known to be compulsive gamblers. He has only appeared a couple of times within the comic series. Some of the more interesting traits he is known for would be expert gambling, good skill with firearms and disguise. Within the comics, he proposed to his girlfriend but was rejected by her, with having to give up his gambling habits to prove himself to her. However, she left him for a man who won the lottery. From that point on Sharpe made a life for himself, making it out based upon chance thinking that those who take risks are lucky. He robbed banks and trains. He, unfortunately, met his end as a Vegas casino, losing everything he had due to the games being rigged and committing suicide.

Two-Face from DC comics is also another known gambler. He is also known as Harvey Dent. As a child he grew up in a low-class setting, having an abusive father who was mentally ill. From the abusive, this leads to him developing both bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. As an adult, he became a district attorney for Gotham. However, during a case trying to take down a mobster, the mobster threw a chemical on his face transforming to who he is, in terms of messing with his psyche. He does gambling due to his obsession with a chance. Most of the choices he makes are from a coin flip.

Veronica Sinclair or others are known as Roulette from DC comics is also another villain with a gambling habit. She is a very dangerous villain toward the Justice Society. Her grandfather with by the same name, running a casino and was a villain as well. Veronica wanted to try and on up her grandfather and decided to create her casino. However, with hers, it was an arena were she capture heroes and forced them to fight in a ring. She then would welcome other villains to place bets on who would win. She is well known for her ability to calculate odds as well as her gambling winnings. Her villainous attitude and gambling habits run within the family. She relies on her wits and skills rather than having to use physical force.

How DC beat Marvel in the Slot Wars

Learning the history of comics books to better understand why DC beat Marvel in the slot wars is important to see why big corporations can hurt their success by selling out and buying into each other, prohibiting and stalling the sales of their stories, games and films that can be produced, sold, and distributed. Here are some quick facts on how DC beat Marvel in the most popular and widely known slot games in the world today.

Comic Book History

Who does not love a good comic book? Comic books have been around for decades originated in 1933 when the first modern comic book came out called “Famous Funnies”. Comic books were a way for people to escape the war by diving into a non-fictional fantasy and explore the limitless horizons of storytelling. Comic books were used in many ways, whether it be for political cartoon humour, love stories, or the most popular theme superheroes and crime. When readers got finished their comics, they would be lined outside the stores for blocks to get the latest release. After two years the world would be stopped in its tracks when DC released their first comic book in 1935. People were flooding stores to find a DC comic book and read all about the crimes, and villains in Gotham. For years DC comics were the hot book to have in your home, the stores were compelling, and the characters were unlike anything ever seen before. Then in October 1939, a new series came out with even more heroes and villains, this comic series would go by the name of Marvel, and forever change the comic book genre and competitive pool that hero and villain comic books would live in.

A Little History on Slot Machines

In 1895 the first slot machine was created, with three spinning reels, heart, diamond, and spade painted shapes. This machine was created by a man named Charles Fey who was a car mechanic. If the player spun three liberty bells, they would cash out big time and win a whopping fifty cents. This machine is still here with us, found in the great gambling land of Reno, Nevada. People would come everywhere to play on this machine in hopes to win and take home some money. The demand for slot machines grew immensely after people were in lines to play on the Liberty Bell slot machine. Many manufacturing companies began to try and buy the rights to distribute the Liberty Bell Machine, but Charles Fey refused to give it up. An arcade owner names Herbert Mills decided to design a slot machine of his own and distribute them everywhere. Mills incorporated fruits such as the lemon, cherry and plum for his machines and changed the way slot machine gambling would exist forever.

postpage image 3 Comic Artworks that Have Led to Fantastic Slot Designs Batman Artwork - How DC beat Marvel in the Slot Wars

Why Disney Pulled Marvel Slot Games in 2017

In 2009, Disney absorbed Marvel and decided to pull all Marvel characters, stories, and themes from slot machines around the world. Disney is based in Florida, and they are determined to keep the motion of having a family-friendly vacation destination. Since gambling is legally only allowed for people 18 and up and in some states 21 and up, they decided to remove themselves from the gambling scene. This does not mean someone would not be able to find a Marvel-themed slot machine though, Disney just ended the distribution and creation of Marvel themed slot machines, which means that once the licenses run out they will then be pulled from the casino floors. It will be interesting to see whether Disney decides on keeping these orders in place since Florida is planning to open many casino destinations soon. Only time will tell if Disney is willing to give in to the large profits of having their themed machines on casino floors.

Playtech Signing a Deal with DC

As Disney is holding back from putting their content in the gambling rooms, DC has a whole other plan in motion. DC has recently signed a multi-year license deal to have games including some of the characters such as Man of Steel (2013), Green Lantern (2011), and the Batman Classic Series. Playtech is planning to launch over 600 games that can be played in the casino or the palm of your hand on e-gaming websites. DC and Warner Brothers are planning to make a fortune with this new contract and plan to have the games accessible to people everywhere. Disney is taking a huge fallback when it comes to gambling by limiting themselves and withdrawing Marvel from casino gaming.

How is DC beating Marvel in the Casino

There is a simple reason Dc is beating Marvel in the slot game war. The main reason is that Disney had decided to pull their slot machines from the casino floors to promote themselves as being family-friendly, while DC signed a huge license agreement to create more machines and place them in casinos all around the country. While it is understood that Disney wants to keep its family-friendly agenda at large, this has hurt them tremendously when it comes to casino gambling. Their machines are considered an artifact now if someone can find one. People are trying to buy these machines because they are considered historical now. DC is promoting more machines, creating updated content and a gaming experience that players will look forward to the next time they are in the casinos. While the two brands are at constant battle trying to one-up each other, there is no doubt that DC has won the competition when it comes to the war on “most popular” slot machines.

5 of The Best Comic Book Slot Games

It’s no mystery that slot games have improved a lot over the past few years. If you love playing slot machines then it’s only fair that you know it’s history. Slot machines were invented by Charles Fey in 1895. And because gambling has grown so popular in the casino world, it has also expanded to the online world as well. Because of this newfound love for online gaming, virtual slot games have offered more opportunities to players all around the world who love playing. The good thing about virtual slot games is that it’s easily accessible. And all of them have different themes. Most are themed around popular niches such as music, movies, and even comic books. It’s crazy how much slot games have evolved over the years. With that being said, you can only imagine how many slot games there are out there. One of the most popular slot game themes is comic books. Think about all the superheroes and villains that were ever created whether it was from DC Comics or Marvel Comics. There are thousands of comic book slot games out there and usually new ones are released every week. The number of comic book slot games out on the market is probably unimaginable. That’s why finding the top 5 best comic book slot games will be somewhat difficult.

Wonder Women

Because the Amazonian warrior has captured the minds of millions of fans over the years, it was only right to make a slot game based on her well-earned prowess. And because of the recent 2017 film produced by DC Entertainment, the female superhero has grown even more in popularity. The film earned 821.6 million at the box office. Considering that the budget was only 150 million, the movie earned a great profit. Earning a little bit more profit from a slot game wouldn’t hurt either. The game consisted of heavy graphics- 5 reel and 50 pay lines- and is entraining enough to keep people playing. There are even an Aries feature and other amazing bonuses. Watching the movie will help you understand the storyline a lot more but it can still be played without doing so.

The Flash

Everyone loves the flash. He’s the fastest human being on the planet. Who wouldn’t want to be faster than a cheetah? The fact that The Flash can defy the laws of physics is reason enough that he should have is own slot game. Though created in 1940, The Flash remains one of the most popular DC superheroes. A lot of people might not know this, but The Flash went up against Superman to test his speed. They have had up to several races that resulted in draws. Given the fact that The Flash has had several TV shows and movies made about him, it’s only fair that they make a slot game for him as well. His slot game allows you to win big and win fast. The game features 5 reels, 30 playline, and 5x multiplayer round. What more can you ask for?

Justice League

If you like Wonder Women, The Flash, Batman, Superman, and all your other favorites, then the Justice League is the perfect slot game for you. It all started with Garner Fox. He created the Justice League concept in 1960. And it’s been a huge success ever since. And the recent Justice League film in 2017 has given fans another reason to praise the franchise. The slot game allows players to enjoy al their favorite superheroes all at once. It has 25 pay lines, 30 reels, and the best part; it features every member of the justice league. The slot game also has a few bonuses which feature superheroes and villains at their best. The Justice League slot game is a thrilling experience for fans and comic book nerds that can’t seem to get enough.


Who wouldn’t want to be Batman? He’s mysterious, dark, and to some, a mixture between hero and villain. Like other DC superheroes, numerous TV shows and movies were featuring Batman. So it’s only right that he gets his own slot game. The slot game features Gotham City as the background which is a plus because Gotham City is intriguing in itself. The game offers 5 reels and 50 playline. But it also has a Descend into Madness feature that everyone will enjoy along with the Batman Wild that gives you a chance to double your earnings.


postpage image 3 Comic Artworks that Have Led to Fantastic Slot Designs Superman Artwork - 5 of The Best Comic Book Slot Games

It should be to no one’s surprise that Superman is one of the top 5 comic book slot games. He is arguably one of the most powerful superheroes in the whole comic book universe. And you can thank Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster for creating the world’s most famous superhero. Everyone knows the story of Superman and how he eventually went on to become Clark Kent. This game slot is a must-play for fans of Superman. The bright blue and red graphics make a huge impact on the game itself. The game has 5 reels, 50 playline slots with tons of bonus and multiplayer features to keep you intrigued enough to go in for the jackpot.

If you love comic books and you have things for spinning wheels then you might find yourself enjoying the few superhero slot games mentioned above. Why not enjoy the buzz of fighting bad guys like Aries and the Joker while also winning big bucks? While it might not give you the same thrill as if it were an action-packed video game, you could still get a good buzz out of it.

3 Comic Themes in Slots You Could Cosplay at Comic-Con

The comic industry has played a huge role in our lives. Even when we were young, comics have always been there for us; motivating us, changing us, and making us wish that we were the same as the characters we cherish in comics. Fortunately, today, embodying a comic’s persona is no longer an impossible feat.

Granted, it is far from being a super-powered human being but the thought counts the most. When we dress like our comic idols, we feel their character flow into our minds. We start to become someone who is a more significant version of ourselves.

Playing themed slots sure can be entertaining and immersive. However, nothing is as immersive as actually personifying the very identity of the comic character we have longed to know personally and physically.

The art of cosplay, in general, has given us the opportunity to be the characters we want to be, even for a short while.

If you are interested in doing the same, why not try the following comic slot themes as your next persona?

Green Lantern

post page image 3 Comic Themes in Slots You Could Cosplay at Comic Con Green Lantern - 3 Comic Themes in Slots You Could Cosplay at Comic-Con

He is green and bold. He has mystic powers that came from an alien race that is devoted to maintaining universal order. This character suits the people who share an interest with great power and great responsibility without being Superman. Green Lantern’s sense of style is also something extraordinary.


If you want a bit of challenge, then try this one. Cyborg is half man and half machine. This means cosplaying him can certainly unravel one’s creative ability. To truly embody Cyborg, a cosplayer needs to emphasize the idea of a person confused about his true nature.

Is he just a robot with a human understanding? Or is he a human with advanced capabilities?


Vampires are always popular. They are the dreaded creatures of the night. However, for this one, despite having vampire blood; he chose a route to end all those like him. He has a magnificent costume and strong stature.

Surely, anyone who dresses up like him can feel just as mysterious and powerful.

If you have no idea what to do for cosplay, you have the significant opportunity of looking towards your slot games as inspiration for a change. In slot games, there are various comic themes that you can definitely select your persona from.

In fact, there are even more comic characters in slot games you could look out for.

5 Las Vegas Themed Slots with Notable Artworks

The idea of Las Vegas depicts a wild and marvelous experience. It is the embodiment of fun, bold and extreme choices that symbolize an experience that cannot be compared elsewhere. To say that Les Vegas is a place of pop culture is a significant understatement.

This is why it comes to no surprise that Las Vegas is given its own slot theme. How could you not when everything about it is a sight to behold. Nevertheless, what’s distinctive about these particular themes are their notable artworks and designs.

They are the personification of glitz and glamor.

Add this notion with the advanced technology in Las Vegas and you discover gameplay that is high in graphics and animations backed by immersive soundtracks and special effects.

Weekend in Vegas

postpage image 35 Las Vegas Themed Slots with Notable Artworks Weekend in Vegas - 5 Las Vegas Themed Slots with Notable Artworks

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. This is a popular saying that has been implied to reveal just how adventurous Vegas can be. Speaking of the slot game, its artwork portrays three characters with distinct personalities.

Yet, a single glance at the characters and you could immediately identify the adventure they will be on.

This game explodes with bold and fancy colors and different shades of the nightlife. The artwork implies a setting that is short to say crazy and ridiculously fun. Because of this, it is easy to tell why people are drawn to this particular slot game.

Vegas Baby

postpage image 35 Las Vegas Themed Slots with Notable Artworks Vegas Baby - 5 Las Vegas Themed Slots with Notable Artworks

This particular slot game embodies the very essence of the Vegas city lights. It showcases bright illuminations and various big events that are just meant to symbolize how active Las Vegas is even at night.

A player can even see wedding chapels and cocktails as some of the game’s icons.

Strictly speaking about the artwork, the design of the slot game is cartoonish. Yet, the mature context of the theme is easily observed. Just because it’s bright and fun does not mean it’s young and innocent.

On the contrary, this theme just proves that soft artworks could reveal a more outlandish story.

Vegas Dreams

postpage image 35 Las Vegas Themed Slots with Notable Artworks Vegas Dreams - 5 Las Vegas Themed Slots with Notable Artworks

This slot theme reminds the players about their goal in Las Vegas. It has loveable features and high-quality animations that make the game extremely entertaining. It also has an audio background that is sure to set the mood.

However, what stands out the most in this slot game is its intricate artwork. The designs are fancy, colorful and absolutely memorable. Its depictions of the Las Vegas journey are easily understood with recognizable references like limousines and cash.

Vegas after Party

postpage image 35 Las Vegas Themed Slots with Notable Artworks Vegas after Party 1 - 5 Las Vegas Themed Slots with Notable Artworks

With regards to this particular slot game, the elements a player would see are filled with passion and an exaggerated sense of fun. The game not only feels enormous, but it also encapsulates the idea of what a Las Vegas party could be.

Characteristically speaking, a party in Las Vegas is far different than any party around the world.

In terms of the artwork of the game, the player’s senses are surrounded by bold elements that continuously bombard the idea of disco, gambling and drinking. You are simply not in Las Vegas if you will not party.

Las Vegas is a big name with big references and big implications. It is definitely not for the introverts if we look at the artworks of the aforementioned slot themes. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t play these slot games.

In fact, if you are feeling lonely and tired, how about playing these slot games and immersing yourself in the idea of Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas theme is certainly unique and strong; however, it is not for everyone. Some people may prefer playing comic-themed slots. Feel free to contact us if you wish to learn more about Las Vegas-themed slots.

2 Charity Art Auctions Comic-Themed Slot Lovers Should Try to Join

Slot games are notoriously addicting. This is why we can spend a lot of money playing these games. More so if these slots have themes that we are engaged with. For example, comic-themed slot games are a lot of fun to play.

Nevertheless, playing, losing, and winning should not be the entire focus of our experience. Sometimes, it is just as rewarding to give something back to society. While it can be in the form of donation, it is more interesting to actually join something that you can absolutely benefit from.

This is where charity auctions come in.

In this setting, you can bid on an item that you like. If you are a fan of comic art, then going to a charity art auction may not be such a bad idea.

Thus, we have listed below a number of charity art auctions where you can bid on comic items that fit your taste.

Seventh Annual C2E2 Charity Auction

This event will take place in the South Building at McCormick’s Place in 2020. The proceeds made will be directly donated to the           St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Gain what you want while giving back to the community.

Eight Annual NYCC Charity Art Auction

Taking place on October of 2019 in Javits Center, the proceeds made at this charity auction will be given to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. You can help save children while acquiring an item that you are passionate about.

It is fun to play slot games. It is even more fun to play comic-themed slot games. But it can be just as rewarding to help the people in need. It doesn’t have to be a one-way exchange; you can also gain something from doing so.

Finally, there are more events out there that you can try. These events are based on comic themes for comic enthusiasts. But you can always contact us to get more information about these events.

3 Lesser Known Comic Artists that Inspired Comic-Themed Slots

Comics are a godsend to the human world. Their creations allowed us to believe in something that did not really exist. Comic stories and characters gave us something we thought we’d never have. Because of them, we were able to move beyond what is ordinary.

Nevertheless, the story we heard as children and watch as adults should not be the only thing we recognize. The underlying truth is that these ideas, these settings, and these characters would have not existed without their creators. These people were the ones who brought these beloved stories to life.

Thus, it is only right to recognize who they are. More importantly, for people playing slot games, they were also the ones who made it possible. Their designs and their themes are imbued within the very context of the slots we play. Who are they? Find out in this post.

John Romita Jr

John Romita Jr. – Wikipedia

John Romita Jr. is the son of Virginia (Bruno) and comic-book artist John Romita Sr., one of the signature Spider-Man artists since the 1960s. He studied advertising art and design at Farmingdale State College in East Farmingdale, New York, graduating in 1976.

This person was the reason why the Kick Ass comic is a theme for slot games. Born in New York City, he became an inspiration for ordinary people desiring to be more than themselves.

He taught us the lesson that what we are should not inhibit who we might become. The past is only the beginning.

Brian Bolland

Brian Bolland

Brian Bolland (; born 26 March 1951) is a British comics artist. Best known in the United Kingdom as one of the definitive Judge Dredd artists for British comics anthology , he spearheaded the ‘ British Invasion’ of the American comics industry, and in 1982 produced the artwork on Camelot 3000 (with author Mike W.

The Joker is a phenomenal villain, not just in the Batman series. But thanks to this man, we got to know the character of this villain more. In fact, his back story was so well done it was later applied on an Oscar-worthy film adaption.

He is also the reason why Joker-themed slots are so popular. Bolland created an enemy that is a true force of nature.

Jim Steranko

Jim Steranko

His most famous comic book work was with the 1960s superspy feature ” Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” in Marvel Comics’ Strange Tales and in the subsequent eponymous series. Steranko earned lasting acclaim for his innovations in sequential art during the Silver Age of Comic Books, particularly his infusion of surrealism, pop art, and graphic design into the medium.

Hulk would have not been as popular as he is today without this person. This artist ensured the success of the Hulk comics. He was the reason why Hulk is the way he is today. Hulk is big, green and mad because Steranko envisioned it.

This choice was so interesting, the slot games with this theme were also popular.

Comic artists are ultimately the reason for our happy childhood memories. They gave stories to the character we know and love. They also provided great foundations for the comic-themed slots we like to play.

3 Comic Artworks that Have Led to Fantastic Slot Designs

Comic creations have long invaded our culture, our media and our perceptions. Nowadays, it is near impossible to find something that has no relation to the comic industry whatsoever.

Our literary works, events and even giant industries like Hollywood have set aside a special space for comics.

The second most financially successful movie of all time is another comic concept. TV shows have also taken their own spins in various comic origin stories. Social gatherings have become a place of comic nostalgia.

Even casino games established their own inventions that portray the same themes.

What is it about comics that we are so easily attracted to even in games? Well, most of the story is certainly interesting. Playing a game with a comic narrative can be a thrilling experience. However, there is more to the story than that.

Another key factor that makes comics outstanding source materials for entertainment media like slot games is the fact that they have excellent artworks.

When you think about themed slot games in general, the artwork of the theme is also seen as a critical component of the game. A lousy artwork basically makes for a terrible experience.

In the world of comics, there are standout artworks that have been successfully integrated into casino games and slot games in general. These artworks vary in structure, tone and emotion but they all share a similar success with being able to evoke emotion from their players.

Batman Artwork

postpage image 3 Comic Artworks that Have Led to Fantastic Slot Designs Batman Artwork - 3 Comic Artworks that Have Led to Fantastic Slot Designs

Batman is a tragic hero that roams the night to apprehend criminals. He has a distinct style, distinct belief and distinct weaponry. However, in addition to his stories, his character design and consistently themed pages have helped boost his recognition.

In slot games, the overall artwork and design transform the game into an edgy and dark experience.

Superman Artwork

postpage image 3 Comic Artworks that Have Led to Fantastic Slot Designs Superman Artwork - 3 Comic Artworks that Have Led to Fantastic Slot Designs

Unlike the first mentioned comic character, Superman is a character that has a significant sense of heroism. This is because his origin story tackles a tale that brings up saviors of the world.

In terms of gameplay design, Superman’s artwork turns the game into an action-packed setting that is still considerably light.

Black Panther Artwork

Black Panther is a story about tragedy, redemption, and culture. His character stands for strength, leadership and family. When it comes to casino game adaptation of his story, the game is as energetic as the tone of his story.

But when you include the artwork of the comic into the game, there’s a tribal sense of feeling that is captured by the game.

The artwork has major influence over the gameplay experience. It basically sets up the mood of the game. It guides the narrative and informs the audience and the player what kind of emotion should be felt.

This is why the aforementioned artworks are noted for their ability to encourage players to feel something while playing the game.

While playing, it is not just a game but an experience that reminds us of the old days. If you are interested in actualizing your comic fantasy, try checking out future conventions that could be near you. If you have thoughts you want to share, be sure to contact us.

Top 4 Upcoming Comic Events Every Slot Player Needs to Attend

The comic world and the gambling industry could be defined as two ideas that are hardly ever similar. Yet, casino gamers have acquired a taste for comic-themed games for a very long time.

Themes have been a long and significant part of the casino game history. Comic themes, particularly, have been a favorite for most players in slot games.

Themed casino games like slots always identify the best way to incorporate the ideas in the gameplay. This blend of pop culture and rewarding gameplay has been a successful mix that has attracted thousands of players all over the world.

A player is always reminded of his childhood whenever playing the game.

It doesn’t matter if the game is quite different from what one would normally expect from a comic-themed game. The idea ultimately makes the experience enjoyable. It brings to the table a sense of nostalgia which allows players to relive their childhood.

Fortunately, casino games are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more opportunities outside of casino games that players can fulfill their fantasy of being involved with their beloved comic characters. These events are scattered around the globe.

See if any of these events fall right under your location or in a place which you could most likely attend. Boost your gaming experience by immersing yourself completely in the idea of comic fantasy. Relive the classic and don’t forget to enjoy.

Heroes Convention 2019 – Charlotte Convention Center

See your adored superheroes come to life in this comic-filled gathering that is famous for its family-friendly atmosphere. This event is expected to be held on June 14-16 within the halls of the Charlotte Convention Center in the USA. Get your ticket now before they are sold out.

Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival – Michigan

Michigan is well-known as the birthplace of many comic icons such as Thanos in Marvel’s Infinity Stones and Firestorm from DC. This festival is supposed to be celebrated on June 14-16 wherein the comic world is heavily honored and recognized.

Washington State Summer Con – Washington Fair Events Center

This event will be held on June 15-16 to celebrate the achievements that have been accomplished by the comic industry. Both adults and children are welcome to wear their desired comic personas. There are even classic games you could play in.

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con – Las Vegas Convention Center

Las Vegas is not only popular with its casino population. It is also famous for one of the best comic conventions in the world. This year, the comic con will take place on June 15-16. Expect the best guests and the best experience with stars like Asher Angel as the young Shazam and Amy Jo Johnson as the Pink Ranger.

Comic books basically give you the chance to remember the past. It is what most of us grew up with. Even millennials are still taken with this idea. That’s why it is not really surprising to see comic themes being adopted by other industries which in this case are casino games.

The two may not be exactly intertwined, but they definitely mesh well together. If you know of more events that reflect the same topic, you can reach out to us.