Comics books are something that many people fall in love with. It is a way to escape from reality a bit and just become immersed in the comic world. What appeals to people of the comic book world are the characters. Whether hero or villain, many people fall in love with the characters and the personality. Though the comic book can go toward the realms of fantasy and science fiction, there are real-world things that occur with the characters. Certain hobbies the heroes though mainly villains, for the most part, take part in. One of those things would be gambling. Whether in simple cards, at a casino or in life situations, gambling is a big part of the real world as well as the fiction realm.

There are a wide number of villains throughout many comic book series that is known for gambling. At the very least, they take it up as a fun hobby as many people in real life do. Both Marvel and DC has its own few villains that have a gambling side toward them to show off to the readers to either better entertain them or to simply show them the ways of gambling.

Joker from the Batman series and DC is known to be quite the gambler to both the readers and in the world of DC. The Joker is Batman’s worse and possible most dangerous enemy within the series, in a way playing the counterpart of Bruce banner. He is insane, mentally unstable and fairly chaotic, leaving in chaos each day. Such examples of him gambling would be either involving his own life or the life of others. He does this sort of gambling for the sheer thrill of it and mere kicks and laughs. His origin himself shows him as a gambler of sorts. Depending on which origin the readers go by, the Joker before taking up the name was already a criminal known as Red Hood in pursuit by batman. When cornered by the hero of Gotham he was given a very hard choice to make that would decide his life forever. To either be captured by Batman or fall in a giant vat of chemicals that would forever make him mentally unstable. He chose to jump in the chemicals, changing his appearance and mentality forever. Because of this, he adopts the name Joker which is a playing card that he identifies as. Though there may not be material profit, Joker is always willing to gamble if there is a chance he can get away with something.

Another villainous gambler to look at would be 8-Ball from the Marvel comics. Before he was a villain he was a defence contractor and a missile propulsion system engineer for the Department of Defense. He was originally known as Jeff Hagee’s. While working at his job he would sometimes gamble in his spare time help relieve the stress. He took it up as a hobby but soon after time he became in debt to pool sharks. If was fired due to his employers finding out and afraid he would sell the companies secrets to help get money for his debt. With the combination of his gambling addiction as well as his experience from his previous job, he became a fairly deadly gambling villain. Having his own crime business as well as creating a cue stick that has his magnified force toward it. His gambling habits slowly turned him into such a villain, changing his character from a normal hard worker employee of the Department of Defense to a deadly crime boss in Marvel.

Another villain with gambling habits would be the Gambler from DC comics. He is known as Stephen Sharpe III. Within the comic, he comes from a family that was known to be compulsive gamblers. He has only appeared a couple of times within the comic series. Some of the more interesting traits he is known for would be expert gambling, good skill with firearms and disguise. Within the comics, he proposed to his girlfriend but was rejected by her, with having to give up his gambling habits to prove himself to her. However, she left him for a man who won the lottery. From that point on Sharpe made a life for himself, making it out based upon chance thinking that those who take risks are lucky. He robbed banks and trains. He, unfortunately, met his end as a Vegas casino, losing everything he had due to the games being rigged and committing suicide.

Two-Face from DC comics is also another known gambler. He is also known as Harvey Dent. As a child he grew up in a low-class setting, having an abusive father who was mentally ill. From the abusive, this leads to him developing both bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. As an adult, he became a district attorney for Gotham. However, during a case trying to take down a mobster, the mobster threw a chemical on his face transforming to who he is, in terms of messing with his psyche. He does gambling due to his obsession with a chance. Most of the choices he makes are from a coin flip.

Veronica Sinclair or others are known as Roulette from DC comics is also another villain with a gambling habit. She is a very dangerous villain toward the Justice Society. Her grandfather with by the same name, running a casino and was a villain as well. Veronica wanted to try and on up her grandfather and decided to create her casino. However, with hers, it was an arena were she capture heroes and forced them to fight in a ring. She then would welcome other villains to place bets on who would win. She is well known for her ability to calculate odds as well as her gambling winnings. Her villainous attitude and gambling habits run within the family. She relies on her wits and skills rather than having to use physical force.