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Who Are The Renowned Masterminds Of Slot Game Software?

Even with the advancement of technology, slot games are upgrading too. What makes the difference in these games is the presence of customized slot games. Such customized features warrant a game to possess distinguishable graphics and soundtracks. Still, personalized slots feature profitable bonus, free spins, demo account, and incredible odds. There are many providers of these games, and this article highlights some of them.


NetEnt is by far the most successful slot game developer. The company boasts unique graphics, features, and betting odds in gambling games. NetEnt is thus an acronym of the word Net Entertainment. The company is originally from Sweden. Scandinavia casinos are the pioneers of this company. Since its conception in 1996, NetEnt has developed myriads games.

Why should you choose Netent Developer?

Quality games

The slot developer provides quality games. Since its foundation, NetEnt has been the brain behind famous games like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, audiovisual slots, and pokers. NetEnt has professional and experts game engineers who develop these games. The graphics, visuals, and quality of NetEnt games bear trademark protocols in the business. Even with 3D technology, NetEnt is countable in using advanced technology for casinos.

The continuous development of NetEnt software products

NetEnt does prioritize on the continuous development of games software. They continually upgrade the game features to suit their customers. One major upgrade is the jackpots.

Its incredible jackpots

Every NetEnt game acquires remarkable jackpots, which are graded in two categories. There are local jackpots that appear in the NetEnt casinos. Then the millionaire clubs’ jackpots are known as NetEnt casinos. NetEnt casinos, like mega fortune, has claimed a Guinness book record. That is after a gambler won almost twelve million dollars jackpot

Touch games

With the conception of IOS and android gadgets, there are needs to create games compatible with touch-screen devices. For that case, NetEnt has upgraded its software to solve the touch games riddle. That has made it possible to play gambling slots with touch-screen phones, tablets, or computers.


For any poker player or operator, Playtech rings typically in their mind. Playtech is also a successful betting slot firm. Having been developed in 1999, Playtech has grown fast. That is because, two years after its inception, the company created innovative poker programs.

Moreover, Playtech has advanced in slot games. It is also an award-winning slot service provider. Back in 2013, Playtech won the best slots developer. In the UK, Playtech is renowned in many reels casinos.

Its incredible graphics, compelling play storyline, and splendid soundtracks make the Playtech a threat to competitors. Most significantly, the game ‘Age of the gods’ acquires quality graphics and a 3D video platform. The storyline of this game is also mouthwatering. Other captivating storylines and graphical games include Deal or no deal, classic Sopranos, love boats, and American dad.

The betting platforms, bonuses, odds, and spins are sustainable to many bettors. In terms of slots reels, Playtech games contain standard reels. You can find five reels and three rows in this platform. Most notably, movie-themed games have profitable odds. These movie-like games incorporate desirable themes like sports, science, histology, or many suitable games.

The RTP (Return to Player) is higher in most Playtech games. This rate increases your chances of amercing considerable profits. Some games like Ocean Princes, Goblines caves, Ugga Bugga enjoys a 99%RTP. Playtech still has developed software compatible with touch-screen mobiles. Thus, you can access Playtech games through a mobile application or any browser’s websites.

slot game makers - Who Are The Renowned Masterminds Of Slot Game Software?


Its conception in 1994 makes it one of the first game software developers. With more than eight-hundred slot games, this company is experienced in slot games. Even with mobiles slots apps, the company boasts of over three-hundred slots portfolios. Microgaming reckons a feat of producing ten to twenty newly-upgraded games yearly. That tells you that the company prioritizes making customer-friendly games annually.

In terms of gaming quality, Microgaming is not left behind. They produce 3D video games that you can confuse with real-life experience ordeals. There are also easy-navigation aspects, incredible background effects, and suitable graphics games in Microgaming. Whether mobile apps, online or land-based, Microgaming provide manuals on how their games work. That is a favorable issue with newbies.

There are favorable bonuses and jackpots in Microgaming platforms. When a newbie registers with these games, they attain a welcoming compensation. Also, wherever denomination of cash you stake, you will be surprised by Microgamers’ cash bonuses. The free-spins, demo mode, and incredible odds still make your playtime remarkable.

For jackpots in Microgaming slots, you can attain a seven-figure rollover. Therefore, check out on jackpots and bonuses for Jurassic park, thrones, Thunderstruck, and many other games.

RealTime gaming

If you are familiar with ‘real series’, then you should know that RealTime developed this game. Since its founding in 1998, RealTime has flourished in the USA. The company’s headquarters has transverse from Georgia to Costa Rica. However, its gaming software is enjoyed widely in the USA. That could be the reason the company uses dollars as their transactions.

For those players labeling themselves ‘unlucky,’ RealTime is an excellent deal for you. That is because it adopts a win-win strategy. The company tries to hedge out your winless runs by crediting you with resourceful bonuses. Also, the company offsets your losses and condense them. Therefore customers will not feel disadvantaged and will most likely come back to try their luck.

RealTime offers higher RTP and winning percentages games than other software developers. Some games even feature an RTP of 98%, which is worth investments. The pay lines and a variety of slots to play are resourceful. That means you can play any game with your tight budget. Even the bonuses given are instant for every reel.

RealTime games are easily accessible on the website. Even on your mobile phone, they offer compatibility with your IOS or android gadgets. Though you can download the games, it not compulsory you download them. Still, you can play online through the website. RealTime’s synchronized options offer a variety of games. That means you can diversify on the resourceful game. You can attest this option by playing in Aztec’s Millions, Star wars, Crazy Vegas, Hillbilliea, or other games.

International Game Technology (IGT)

If you recognized the ‘fortune coin ‘ award of being the best slot game in Britain, then IGT is the mastermind of that feat. IGT too was named as the best slot provider of the same ICE London show. Owing to its roots form Las Vegas, IGT has over a thousand slots played in the country and overseas.

Even for land-based slot machines, IGT provides reliable and customized machines. The games feature security protocols to protect your winnings and identity. For that case, IGT adopts SSL encryptions and firewalls. You can assess the IGT software through IOS, android, and windows gadgets. IGT Games displays on a mobile application, or you can play them via their websites.

IGT still features resourceful bonuses. These bonuses include a welcome bonus or bonuses on the successful spins you make. There are also free spins and a demo mode on the game. There are profitable games like Texas tea, wheel of fortune, Pharaoh Fortune, Family Guy, Transformers, and others. These slots bear a higher RTP of up to 97%. IGT accepts an e-wallet from renowned mobile money providers like PayPal, Skrill, MasterCard, and others.

Playing Online Slots in 2021

Right now in our world with covid it’s easy to play online casino games, the best ways to play slots and other casino games can be from your phone or tablet anywhere from your house to at a park. Playing slot games on your phone is easy and fun to do. Why should you play slot games because they are easy to learn how to play, it gives you a rush and lastly anyone can afford to play them. It’s easy to sign up to an online casino, all you do is make an account, deposit and then you play. 5 games everyone is playing right now are Friday, True Fortune, Casino Universe, Yoyo Casino and AmunRa. There are 7 different slot game makers such as IGT, Bally, Amaya, Microgaming, Aristocrat, Konami and WMS Gaming.

The best games are determined by if they have a valid license, see which ones offer a welcome bonus and how many free spins also the payment method. They want to make sure that you have the best games to play. Let’s talk about all the games and their different welcome bonus Fridays bonus 100% up to $500, True Fortune is 100% up to 2,000, Casino Universe is 100% up to $150, Yoyo Casino is 100% up to $1,000 and last but not least AmunRa is 100% up to $300. Now about the free spins, Friday has 200 free spins, True Fortune and AmunRa both have no free spins, and the other two both have 100 free spins. This is all so amazing and they are all different, but that’s what makes them so great. All of this matters and so much more matters so you know if you will like the game or not.

slots2021 - Playing Online Slots in 2021

The different slot makers all have amazing things that make their games so great. They all made such great games that so many people love, the games are incredible and work great. They are always coming out with new and better games giving you the best of the best. Some of the games have extra bonuses and extra ways to win. Many games have so many different wild cards, that you can win even more. If you play it on your phone or tablet you can get a bonus with some games. Everyone that is playing slot games cant put these games down, they love how much fun it is and the winnings are great too. People who have played these games have written reviews and all of them are 4 stars, so you know they are all incredible. There is nothing but great reviews and we see why.

Finding which one is best for you so you can love these games, too. Which one sounds like you’ll have fun and which one gets your attention. Look at which one you can get a bonus and which one gives you a thrill. Pay attention to what ones take longer to payout and what ones payout faster. Also, do they take cards and if so which cards do they accept, you need to know this before you start playing, it could mess up your whole experience. You will also want to see what customers love and hate or if there are any problems with the game. If you can’t figure out how to play or have a problem all of the games have customer support to help you figure it out. The game you pick you are going to want to like it you don’t want to have to delete and try again. See what you like and give the game a try, they all will give you a rush. They are not hard to figure out, you just have to give them a try and I promise you won’t regret it at all.

So you see all of these things are things you need to remember when looking for a slot game to play and how to play if you are new to playing. If you need the rush or thrill of the casino these will be great for you. These will definitely help pass time and give you something fun to do. All of these games will keep you winning and the bonuses are great. Everyone is talking about these games and so can you. You will not want to stop playing these games because they are so fun and addicting. With everything closing and going online these games are perfect for anyone and everyone, there are so many other casino games other than slots that you can try, they are all worth it. I hope you try these and you have the best luck with them, they will have you wishing for more time to play them. There are enough facts here to why you should play these games or even try games from the best slot makers.

Some Great Slot Games Based on Movies

As a young man growing up, playing games at my house was a weekend theme. Never could I imagine that games would become as big as they are today. Developers have produced games that not only made it big for systems like Xbox and PlayStation but movies as well. Speaking of movies, we are going to cover a few in the area of slot game machines.

Jurassic Parks

Jurassic Park was one of the highest profitable movies ever produced by the one and only Steven Spielberg. The idea behind it was to bring dinosaurs back to life and take over a theme park. Little did Mr. Spielberg know this movie would give birth to another idea, slot machines.

In 2014, the first Jurassic Parks slot game machines would emerge and was a fan favorite. This movie based slot game offers real-life characters, great images, and many features to keep you on edge.

The highest bet on this slot machine that can be placed is three dollars. Other machines like Jurassic Park Wild Excursion, allow bets up to twelve dollars and credits.

King Kong

The first black and white King Kong movie hit theaters in New York City, 1933. The Giant Gorilla fills the people’s hearts with terror by its enormous strength. The movie would go on to make 5.3 million dollars at the box office. In 2011, a gambling software company by the name of Playtech would claim the rights to the movie, and the King Kong slot was born.

Just like Jurassic Park, King Kong also has real-life images and excellent screen. The slot machines have two systems: Wild Jungle and Big City. The only difference between the two is the backdrop, logos, and perks. The Wild Jungle feature has three or more wilds followed by three re-pins.

In the Big City, there is Wild Kong Re-spin and the City Bonus. In this part of the game you get three Wild and three Scatters Symbols with between one to five chances to win big. King Kong will be always be remembered by the great scene of climbing to the top of the Empire State Building n New York City.

movieslotgames - Some Great Slot Games Based on Movies


Halloween may not be a time when the family gets together and talk about the past but a time to put on your favorite costumes. Most of us when we think of Halloween, we think of our favorite scary movies like “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Friday the 13th” or “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. Released October 27, 1978, Halloween was filmed in South Pasadena, California, and where it grossed $47 million.

Halloween slot games have several characters name from the movies; Laurie, Lynda, and Annie. Euro Games Technology created Halloween with an October feel with great fall colors for the background. To make you feel right in the movie, the scary costumes and animals will keep you on edge.

Halloween Fortune is another great slot game created by Playtech. One of their best feature on the game is the sexy witches needing your help to cook up some evil spells, watch out! For a bonus, pick the right witch and you can earn free spins.

Need something a little more kiddie? The Ghouls slot game could be a thriller for you. Not as on scary as Halloween but spooky enough to keep you interested. Betsoft believes this one you should keep in your pocket change pile.

Do you like Vampires or the thought I some sucking your blood out of you? The Immortal Romance slot game is here for your pleasure. This game is sure to give you nightmares with great sound effects and plenty of slot pulling action. I give Microgaming two thumbs up for this one.


Gladiator directed by Ridley Scott in the year 2000, became a household name to start the 21 century. The movie was released on May 1, 2000, in Los Angeles, California. Actor Russell Crowe is the Roman general who loses his throne and father. The movie brought in a mind-blowing $460.5 million to the box office. Gladiator was the second highest-grossing film of the year.

BetSoft created one of the best slot games in Gladiator. The slot machine is covered in graphic themes and music playing to give a Roman Coliseum atmosphere. If you find some symbols like the tiger, coliseum, or gold, these items will help increase your coin collection. The Gladiator bonus feature gives you to option to choose between a champion or an offender and watch them battle until the end. If you enjoyed this movie, you surely won’t be disappointed in the slot game machines.


In 1976, an American sports film, “Rocky”, directed by John G. Avildsen, was a great success story about a hard-working Italian-American striving to pay his debt. While growing up in Philadelphia, his goal in life was to become the heavyweight boxing champion of the world.

To spite the film budget being just over 1 million dollars,it gross at $225 million in worldwide box offices. It was the highest gross film of the year.

Once again, Playtech knocks it out of the park by creating a new game in “Rocky”. As you prepare to seat ring to watch as Rocky takes on Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, and Ivan Drago,

witness around for round as you collect coins to increase your pockets. Watch the red and white trunks of Rocky bound around while you land on reels to deliver a knockout punch.

2 Charity Art Auctions Comic-Themed Slot Lovers Should Try to Join

Slot games are notoriously addicting. This is why we can spend a lot of money playing these games. More so if these slots have themes that we are engaged with. For example, comic-themed slot games are a lot of fun to play.

Nevertheless, playing, losing, and winning should not be the entire focus of our experience. Sometimes, it is just as rewarding to give something back to society. While it can be in the form of donation, it is more interesting to actually join something that you can absolutely benefit from.

This is where charity auctions come in.

In this setting, you can bid on an item that you like. If you are a fan of comic art, then going to a charity art auction may not be such a bad idea.

Thus, we have listed below a number of charity art auctions where you can bid on comic items that fit your taste.

Seventh Annual C2E2 Charity Auction

This event will take place in the South Building at McCormick’s Place in 2020. The proceeds made will be directly donated to the           St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Gain what you want while giving back to the community.

Eight Annual NYCC Charity Art Auction

Taking place on October of 2019 in Javits Center, the proceeds made at this charity auction will be given to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. You can help save children while acquiring an item that you are passionate about.

It is fun to play slot games. It is even more fun to play comic-themed slot games. But it can be just as rewarding to help the people in need. It doesn’t have to be a one-way exchange; you can also gain something from doing so.

Finally, there are more events out there that you can try. These events are based on comic themes for comic enthusiasts. But you can always contact us to get more information about these events.

Top 4 Upcoming Comic Events Every Slot Player Needs to Attend

The comic world and the gambling industry could be defined as two ideas that are hardly ever similar. Yet, casino gamers have acquired a taste for comic-themed games for a very long time.

Themes have been a long and significant part of the casino game history. Comic themes, particularly, have been a favorite for most players in slot games.

Themed casino games like slots always identify the best way to incorporate the ideas in the gameplay. This blend of pop culture and rewarding gameplay has been a successful mix that has attracted thousands of players all over the world.

A player is always reminded of his childhood whenever playing the game.

It doesn’t matter if the game is quite different from what one would normally expect from a comic-themed game. The idea ultimately makes the experience enjoyable. It brings to the table a sense of nostalgia which allows players to relive their childhood.

Fortunately, casino games are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more opportunities outside of casino games that players can fulfill their fantasy of being involved with their beloved comic characters. These events are scattered around the globe.

See if any of these events fall right under your location or in a place which you could most likely attend. Boost your gaming experience by immersing yourself completely in the idea of comic fantasy. Relive the classic and don’t forget to enjoy.

Heroes Convention 2019 – Charlotte Convention Center

See your adored superheroes come to life in this comic-filled gathering that is famous for its family-friendly atmosphere. This event is expected to be held on June 14-16 within the halls of the Charlotte Convention Center in the USA. Get your ticket now before they are sold out.

Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival – Michigan

Michigan is well-known as the birthplace of many comic icons such as Thanos in Marvel’s Infinity Stones and Firestorm from DC. This festival is supposed to be celebrated on June 14-16 wherein the comic world is heavily honored and recognized.

Washington State Summer Con – Washington Fair Events Center

This event will be held on June 15-16 to celebrate the achievements that have been accomplished by the comic industry. Both adults and children are welcome to wear their desired comic personas. There are even classic games you could play in.

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con – Las Vegas Convention Center

Las Vegas is not only popular with its casino population. It is also famous for one of the best comic conventions in the world. This year, the comic con will take place on June 15-16. Expect the best guests and the best experience with stars like Asher Angel as the young Shazam and Amy Jo Johnson as the Pink Ranger.

Comic books basically give you the chance to remember the past. It is what most of us grew up with. Even millennials are still taken with this idea. That’s why it is not really surprising to see comic themes being adopted by other industries which in this case are casino games.

The two may not be exactly intertwined, but they definitely mesh well together. If you know of more events that reflect the same topic, you can reach out to us.