The comic industry has played a huge role in our lives. Even when we were young, comics have always been there for us; motivating us, changing us, and making us wish that we were the same as the characters we cherish in comics. Fortunately, today, embodying a comic’s persona is no longer an impossible feat.

Granted, it is far from being a super-powered human being but the thought counts the most. When we dress like our comic idols, we feel their character flow into our minds. We start to become someone who is a more significant version of ourselves.

Playing themed slots sure can be entertaining and immersive. However, nothing is as immersive as actually personifying the very identity of the comic character we have longed to know personally and physically.

The art of cosplay, in general, has given us the opportunity to be the characters we want to be, even for a short while.

If you are interested in doing the same, why not try the following comic slot themes as your next persona?

Green Lantern

post page image 3 Comic Themes in Slots You Could Cosplay at Comic Con Green Lantern - 3 Comic Themes in Slots You Could Cosplay at Comic-Con

He is green and bold. He has mystic powers that came from an alien race that is devoted to maintaining universal order. This character suits the people who share an interest with great power and great responsibility without being Superman. Green Lantern’s sense of style is also something extraordinary.


If you want a bit of challenge, then try this one. Cyborg is half man and half machine. This means cosplaying him can certainly unravel one’s creative ability. To truly embody Cyborg, a cosplayer needs to emphasize the idea of a person confused about his true nature.

Is he just a robot with a human understanding? Or is he a human with advanced capabilities?


Vampires are always popular. They are the dreaded creatures of the night. However, for this one, despite having vampire blood; he chose a route to end all those like him. He has a magnificent costume and strong stature.

Surely, anyone who dresses up like him can feel just as mysterious and powerful.

If you have no idea what to do for cosplay, you have the significant opportunity of looking towards your slot games as inspiration for a change. In slot games, there are various comic themes that you can definitely select your persona from.

In fact, there are even more comic characters in slot games you could look out for.