Learning the history of comics books to better understand why DC beat Marvel in the slot wars is important to see why big corporations can hurt their success by selling out and buying into each other, prohibiting and stalling the sales of their stories, games and films that can be produced, sold, and distributed. Here are some quick facts on how DC beat Marvel in the most popular and widely known slot games in the world today.

Comic Book History

Who does not love a good comic book? Comic books have been around for decades originated in 1933 when the first modern comic book came out called “Famous Funnies”. Comic books were a way for people to escape the war by diving into a non-fictional fantasy and explore the limitless horizons of storytelling. Comic books were used in many ways, whether it be for political cartoon humour, love stories, or the most popular theme superheroes and crime. When readers got finished their comics, they would be lined outside the stores for blocks to get the latest release. After two years the world would be stopped in its tracks when DC released their first comic book in 1935. People were flooding stores to find a DC comic book and read all about the crimes, and villains in Gotham. For years DC comics were the hot book to have in your home, the stores were compelling, and the characters were unlike anything ever seen before. Then in October 1939, a new series came out with even more heroes and villains, this comic series would go by the name of Marvel, and forever change the comic book genre and competitive pool that hero and villain comic books would live in.

A Little History on Slot Machines

In 1895 the first slot machine was created, with three spinning reels, heart, diamond, and spade painted shapes. This machine was created by a man named Charles Fey who was a car mechanic. If the player spun three liberty bells, they would cash out big time and win a whopping fifty cents. This machine is still here with us, found in the great gambling land of Reno, Nevada. People would come everywhere to play on this machine in hopes to win and take home some money. The demand for slot machines grew immensely after people were in lines to play on the Liberty Bell slot machine. Many manufacturing companies began to try and buy the rights to distribute the Liberty Bell Machine, but Charles Fey refused to give it up. An arcade owner names Herbert Mills decided to design a slot machine of his own and distribute them everywhere. Mills incorporated fruits such as the lemon, cherry and plum for his machines and changed the way slot machine gambling would exist forever.

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Why Disney Pulled Marvel Slot Games in 2017

In 2009, Disney absorbed Marvel and decided to pull all Marvel characters, stories, and themes from slot machines around the world. Disney is based in Florida, and they are determined to keep the motion of having a family-friendly vacation destination. Since gambling is legally only allowed for people 18 and up and in some states 21 and up, they decided to remove themselves from the gambling scene. This does not mean someone would not be able to find a Marvel-themed slot machine though, Disney just ended the distribution and creation of Marvel themed slot machines, which means that once the licenses run out they will then be pulled from the casino floors. It will be interesting to see whether Disney decides on keeping these orders in place since Florida is planning to open many casino destinations soon. Only time will tell if Disney is willing to give in to the large profits of having their themed machines on casino floors.

Playtech Signing a Deal with DC

As Disney is holding back from putting their content in the gambling rooms, DC has a whole other plan in motion. DC has recently signed a multi-year license deal to have games including some of the characters such as Man of Steel (2013), Green Lantern (2011), and the Batman Classic Series. Playtech is planning to launch over 600 games that can be played in the casino or the palm of your hand on e-gaming websites. DC and Warner Brothers are planning to make a fortune with this new contract and plan to have the games accessible to people everywhere. Disney is taking a huge fallback when it comes to gambling by limiting themselves and withdrawing Marvel from casino gaming.

How is DC beating Marvel in the Casino

There is a simple reason Dc is beating Marvel in the slot game war. The main reason is that Disney had decided to pull their slot machines from the casino floors to promote themselves as being family-friendly, while DC signed a huge license agreement to create more machines and place them in casinos all around the country. While it is understood that Disney wants to keep its family-friendly agenda at large, this has hurt them tremendously when it comes to casino gambling. Their machines are considered an artifact now if someone can find one. People are trying to buy these machines because they are considered historical now. DC is promoting more machines, creating updated content and a gaming experience that players will look forward to the next time they are in the casinos. While the two brands are at constant battle trying to one-up each other, there is no doubt that DC has won the competition when it comes to the war on “most popular” slot machines.